The golden thread that runs through our vision is that the centre of Tshwane should be used and loved by the people of Tshwane. Our end goal is, and always has been, to showcase Tshwane and rejuvenate the city centre.

We are moving in the right direction. It was a formidable task, but we have seen great success in recent years. The main 012central venue used to be used to store taxis. It was dirty, oily and smelly. Not a place the public wanted to frequent. Despite this, we knew that this was an exceptionally welllocated piece of land. It’s across the road from the South African Reserve Bank, and it had great potential. We took a leap of faith and decided the undertaking was worth the risk. The people of Tshwane have been crying out for this kind of space. 012central is a reflection of that need.

We have also strived to work with the correct partners at every turn. We chose an architects firm well versed in urban renewal and regeneration. We also worked with a talented urban designer. Everyone on our team is able to add something different but at the same time maintain exceptionally high standards.


Our projects team at City property can’t be credited enough. They relished the opportunity to revitalise properties that seemed long passed their sell by dates, and  the staff of 012central. People who have previously been averse to exploring the city centre are increasingly realising what the precinct has to offer and taking advantage of these opportunities. This has lead to an impressive turn around of the perception of the area. We’ve created an environment for people who live and work in Tshwane, and to enjoy their experience of the city. We’ve also achieved greater racial integration in the space.

One of our great successes has been the Saturday market at 012central, which is the cornerstone of the precinct on Helen Joseph (Church) Street. We have invested in quality parking and facilities and it hosts a market that far outshines any of the other Saturday markets inTshwane.

City Property creates quality urban environments for people to work, live, shop and play. By transforming buildings, we inject vitality into inner cities, creating sophisticated, modern and cosmopolitan apartments, offices, venues, retail and industrial space.

The City Property portfolio consists of more than 430 buildings, approximately 10 000 apartments, with a combined rental area of commercial space in excess of 1.5 million square meters.


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